Bellwether Trials Scheduled in Ethicon Hernia Mesh Litigation

After numerous litigation delays, beginning in June 2021, bellwether trials involving Ethicon Physiomesh are slated to begin. The lawsuits concern a medical device called hernia mesh manufactured by Ethicon, part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Device Companies. Hernia mesh products have been linked to dangerous side-effects such as infection, intestinal blockage, migration, and hernia reoccurrence—at times, necessitating additional surgeries or removal of the device.

The judge presiding over the Ethicon Physiomesh litigation has selected four cases (out of the over 3,200 in total) to go before a jury. The first bellwether trial is expected to last two to three weeks, followed by another consolidated trial in September.

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Elmiron MDL Leadership Established, Including G&E’s Sindhu Daniel 

G&E director Sindhu Daniel was selected to serve on the Plaintiffs Steering Committee in the Elmiron Multidistrict Litigation (MDL). The leadership team includes mostly female attorneys and is a highly diverse group. Approximately 130 Elmiron lawsuits were centralized in December 2020 before The Honorable Brian R. Martinotti in New Jersey to expedite pretrial proceedings. As the Elmiron cases, now known as MDL number 2973, move forward, more lawsuits will be filed this year by women impacted by the drug.

Elmiron is a drug manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals and is the only oral drug approved by the FDA specifically for the treatment of interstitial cystitis (IC), a bladder condition that largely affects women. Prolonged use of Elmiron, however, has been linked to serious vision problems, including blurry or dimmed vision, night blindness, dark spots, and other conditions. Elmiron users are now alleging that Janssen failed to warn patients of these potentially permanent conditions.

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J&J Still Faces Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits in Light of Several Settlements

As several settlements have been reached in the Johnson & Johnson talcum powder litigation, the health care products manufacturer still faces thousands of lawsuits concerning the safety of its talc-based baby powder. Plaintiffs allege that they developed ovarian cancer after using the talc-based powder in the genital area. Johnson & Johnson and other talcum powder manufacturers are also accused of failing to warn consumers of this potentially deadly risk. Sometimes referred to as the “silent killer” because its symptoms are often mistaken for other benign conditions, ovarian cancer is considered one of the most deadly cancers in women.

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Elmiron MDL Advances with Case Management Conference

In December 2020, approximately 130 Elmiron lawsuits were consolidated into a multi-district litigation (MDL) to streamline pre-trial proceedings. On January 8, 2021, lawyers met with Judge Brian R. Martinotti, the New Jersey District Judge overseeing the litigation, via Zoom to hold a case management conference. As the litigation moves forward, the MDL aims to streamline discovery efforts common in each case, and come to a consensus on pre-trial rulings.

Plaintiffs in the Elmiron litigation contend that long-time use of the Janssen Pharmaceuticals drug left them with permanent vision problems. These problems include maculopathy, which is characterized by a progressive loss of central vision, usually bilateral, that greatly impairs functions.

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Grant & Eisenhofer’s Sindhu Daniel Tapped For Elmiron PSC

Plaintiffs in the Elmiron litigation have selected a proposed group of attorneys which includes G&E director Sindhu Daniel to serve as the Plaintiff Steering Committee. The team of lawyers from all over the country is highly diverse and comprised mostly of female attorneys.

The Elmiron litigation concerns a drug manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals designed to alleviate a bladder condition known as interstitial cystitis (IC). IC predominantly affects women. Plaintiffs allege that Janssen failed to warn patients of Elmiron’s risk for vision impairment and potential vision loss. A multi-district litigation was established in December 2020, to consolidate all similar cases before one judge to expedite pretrial proceedings.

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