Billions in Talc Lawsuit Verdicts Halt Sales of J&J Baby Powder

Plaintiffs in the Johnson & Johnson talcum powder litigation have obtained a number of plaintiffs verdicts in the past several years. These lawsuits against the talc manufacturer allege that plaintiffs developed ovarian cancer after using the talc-based powder in the genital area.

In 2016 and 2017, Johnson & Johnson was defendant in four verdicts in ovarian cancer cases heard in St. Louis, MO. These verdicts, which were rendered in favor of the plaintiffs, include $55 million$70 million$72 million and $110 million. One of the largest verdicts to come in on behalf of plaintiffs is the $4.69 billion verdict obtained by 22 different women suffering from ovarian cancer. Additionally, a Los Angeles jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay a California woman $417 million in damages in 2017.

Some of the verdicts outlined above have been overturned on certain jurisdictional issues and plaintiffs’ counsel are appealing in those cases. Many other cases have been filed nationwide, claiming talcum powder manufacturers failed to warn female consumers of the risks of genital dusting.  In May 2020, Johnson & Johnson announced that it could no longer sell Johnson’s talc Baby Powder in both the United States and Canada.

Have you Been Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer After Using Talc?

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