Bellwether Actos Trials Delivering Big Settlements for Victims

Victims who have filed the 3,500 Actos bladder cancer lawsuits consolidated in the multi-district litigation in Louisiana can potentially anticipate progress in their cases, as favorable decisions in bellwether trials begin to roll in. Last year, juries returned a verdict of $2 million for one patient who experienced bladder cancer as an unintended side effect of taking Actos; in 2013, another jury awarded a victim tens of millions of dollars. All of these cases allege that Takeda Pharmaceuticals should be held accountable for failing to warn patients of the harmful side effects of their drug—risks the drug maker may have known about for 7 years before issuing a warning in order to sustain profits. Actos has generated more than $16 billion for Takeda, accounting for 27% of the company’s overall revenue during the height of sales. “They put profits over patient safety every time,” said a lawyer in closing arguments for one of these bellwether trials. His client’s cancer led to the removal of his bladder and over $300,000 in associated medical bills.

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