Another Suit Highlights the Risks of Fluoroquinolones, such as Levaquin and Avelox

After experiencing life-altering side effects from taking the antibiotic Levaquin to treat chronic respiratory and sinus infections, firefighter Mark Wickerd of Griswold, CT is suing the drug’s manufacturer.  Levaquin is part of a class of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones (FLQs), which includes the drugs Avelox and Cipro.  The use of drugs such as Avelox and Levaquin have resulted in serious side effects such as weakening tendons, impacts on the central nervous system, and potentially-permanent peripheral neuropathy.

Wickered’s experience included ruptured tendons in his hand and leg requiring 6 surgeries, nerve damage in his arm, and 13 retinal tears in his eyes all linked to his use of Levaquin.  Unfortunately, Wickerd is not alone in his claims—these drugs are frequently overprescribed for minor infections and have become known for their dangerous side effects, spawning a number of lawsuits all over the country.

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