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About Grant & Eisenhofer

As a leading plaintiffs’ firm in the mass tort industry, Grant & Eisenhofer has the resources and expertise to work with clients and referring attorneys nationwide in state court proceedings as well as multidistrict litigation matters. Attorneys at G&E have extensive experience representing plaintiffs who have been significantly injured by defective drugs, faulty medical devices, and environmental catastrophes.  Our attorneys have achieved multi-million dollar recoveries in some of the largest and most successful actions against pharmaceutical product and device manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical Drug and Device Injuries

The number of deaths and serious injuries associated with prescription drug use has risen to record levels in the past several years, often due to adverse, unintended side effects. Product recalls, failures to disclose safety information, and pricing scandals have also become increasingly prevalent. Governmental regulatory fines and civil settlements frequently hold these healthcare companies responsible in instances of misconduct and fraud.

Whether a pharmaceutical drug has caused harmful side effects or a medical device has failed to perform effectively, we may be able to help provide the relief you deserve. Firm attorneys in G&E's various practice areas have an unparalleled record of success against major health care product and service companies.

Our team includes physicians, epidemiologists, and biostatisticians, as well as other medical consultants and experts who work with our attorneys to evaluate claims and provide the necessary legal and scientific analysis for each case. Most importantly, our professionals understand the serious, life-altering impacts these drugs and medical devices can cause, and are committed to providing patients with honest opinions and informed counsel in determining the path that makes the most sense for their specific case.

Attorneys at G&E have represented injured plaintiffs, whistleblowers, federal and state governments, and defrauded investors in some of the largest and most successful actions against pharmaceutical companies in recent years. Significant recoveries and settlements in cases where G&E and its attorneys had a leading role:

  • $2.3 billion settlement from Pfizer
  • $1.6 billion settlement from Abbott Laboratories
  • $1.4 billion settlement from Stryker Corporation
  • $1.04 billion settlement from GlaxoSmithKline
  • $922 million settlement from UnitedHealth Group
  • $486 million settlement from Pfizer
  • $257.4 million settlement from Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
  • $237 million jury award against Pfizer
  • $215 million settlement from Merck & Co.
  • $52 million settlement from Abbott Laboratories
  • $24.9 million settlement from Amgen, Inc.

Non-Medical Product Defect Injuries

Our attorneys have significant experience representing individuals who have been severely injured by the wrongful acts of manufacturers and retailers. We have extensive trial experience and have successfully litigated numerous individual claims in state, federal and appellate courts, achieving multi-million dollar settlements in a number of cases, including a multi-hundred million dollar settlement from Chrysler and a $425 million from Honda Motor Corporation among others.

Additionally, our attorneys have represented hundreds of families injured by environmental contaminants, including radon, arsenic and rocket fuel, which resulted in multi-million dollar client settlements.

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