$10 Million Elmiron Lawsuit joins 600 Other Cases in MDL 

close up of a women rubbing her eyes

As more than 600 Elmiron lawsuits band together in a multi-district litigation against the drug’s manufacturer, another lawsuit joins the group seeking $10 million in damages. The lawsuits are pitted against Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals who allegedly failed to warn patients about Elmiron’s vision impairment risks.

Elmiron is a drug that is designed to alleviate bladder pain resulting from a condition called interstitial cystitis. Women are generally more affected by the condition than men. When taken long term, the drug has been linked to vision impairment—including a condition called pigmentary maculopathy—and potentially permanent vision loss.

Am I Eligible to File an Elmiron Lawsuit?

You may be legally entitled to compensation if you took Elmiron for a prolonged period of time, and were diagnosed with a vision disorder or experienced vision loss symptoms. Contact us by submitting the form or by calling us at (866) 575-7435 for a confidential evaluation of your potential claim.

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